City Voices Chorus History

In 2000, a small group of people assembled to talk about developing a new chorus. There was wonderful conversation, brainstorming, and planning. Everyone left the meeting uplifted and excited about the prospects.

By early 2001, committees were formed and donations were made for financial commitments. A group of 22 experienced and talented singers agreed to start a new chorus. The first rehearsal was held April 5, 2001. A name was agreed on and City Voices Chorus was launched!

Bylaws were written, rules were developed and approved. Through teamwork, love and laughter, City Voices chartered on December 27, 2001 with 40 members.  Many of those charter members remain with the chorus today.

City Voices has won an impressive list of awards through the years by employing several elemental philosophies:

  • Work well together
  • Support each other in a caring manner
  • Continually strive to be better
  • Be involved in entertaining our communities
  • Have fun as a group!
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